Nov 16, 2007

A Cure For Asperger

I met some one who after testing discovered that her children had many times the mercury in their system than what is healthy. The testing took place at a reputable medical facility and the chelation therapy to remove the mercury is being done by credentialed clinicians. This course of treatment may bring about great relief for the children and perhaps lessen some of the more troubling symptoms of autism. If nothing else, mercury is a dangerous heavy metal that can do real damage to a persons health.

I also read of a similar, but tragic, example of a parent who heard about chelation therapy as a way to cure autism. This parent's child died as a result of chelation therapy which can be dangerous if not administered correctly.

Now, since this is my blog, is when I wade in with my strongly held opinion. Never try to cure Autism or Asperger. Instead work toward helping your child grow into being a healthy person who has a purpose and direction in life.

I encourage every parent of a child who is in the Autism spectrum to get a blood test that would determine food intolerance, and a blood test that would determine mercury levels. Then, for the health of your child, deal with those issues that the tests identify.

If you find a Medical Doctor who is experienced in treating individuals in the Autism spectrum, investigate testing that would reveal vitamin difficiencies that often are present in people in the spectrum. Or discuss enzym therapy that will aid in the body absorbing key nutrients more effectively.

I hear of parents who throw money at Autism by buying into every suggestion immediately. They are desparate for the magic button that will fix their child. Parents, grow up. Your child is a freak. They will be weird no matter what you do.

Actually, if you spend all that time and energy trying to everything to fix your kid, they really will become some kind of lab rat. Instead, take a breather, and set aside time to enjoy life and enjoy the child that God has given you. Teach your children to enjoy who they are even while they enage life long learning and continually strive to improve who they are.

Isn't that a better way to live?

P.S. Don't be offended that I said your kid is a freak. I'm a freak, nerd, weirdo, whatever you want to call me. I've been called all of that and more. Those voices have lived in my head since high school and I'm only now learning how to come to terms with them. With my children (both Aspies), I have actively taught them that they are Aspie. I've also taught them to celebrate who they are and to work at growing beyond who they are. Besides that, the normal people may get to be the star athlete or cheerleader in highschool, but the freeks get to grow up and be Bill Gates, Albert Einsein, Ludwig Van Beethoven, or James Taylor. I'ld rather be a freek.

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  1. Fellow Aspergian here. My NT wife sent the link to your site, so this is my first time here.

    I agree with you on the whole "try to cure" austism/asperger concept. I think that some parents with kids with austism is that they are so desperate for some sort of normalcy, which is nothing more than something fabricated by Mass Media, they try to find that magic pill. Just like that mysterious "Fat Pill" that a good portion of overweight/obese people are waiting to hit the shelves.

    My son (The Elder) has AS and is pretty high functioning, so I guess we see signs of what some consider to be normal... but I wouldn't change him for the world. In fact, sometime, my other son (The Younger) who is a stubborn NT is worse to handle than The Elder.

    But I will agree that Enzymes and Vitamins are a definite help. I've only been recently diagnosed (Aug 07) with AS, But my Son was diagnosed in June 07. In May 07, we started a Gluten Free Diet (there are enzymes to help break down the gluten protein). 3 months after starting the diet, I started having a morning smoothie with plenty of vitamins PLUS Omega 3,6,9 oil added. My energy level and attitude are very much changed for the positive. I still have some AS meltdowns and other key AS traits, but it has really helped. We've just started the Casien Free part of the diet (which totally stinks, because I love Chocolate Shakes!) not sure if that is as effective yet.

    Oh, and for the record... this Aspergian was Captain of his Soccer Team both in High School and for the competitive traveling team (and was still called "weird" and "strange"). So it is possible for Aspergians to be athletic and hold those "normal" positions. In fact, now that I am older (36) and having running as a special interest, the art of marathon running is about the most perfect Aspergian Athletic Endeavor out there.

    We (as an Asperger Society) are quick to say something to effect that "Aspergers isn't bad, Albert Einstein had it" as if we are going to be intellectual geniuses, but that's not the case - my degree in Nuclear Engineering turned out to be nothing more than something that made me that much more different.

    It would be helpful to have someone with less of a geek status to come out and say they have Aspergers, as long as they are not on a campaign to try to "cure" anything. I can't say that I like all the publicity that Jenny McCarthy's "Let's Cure Autism" campaign had last month, but it was publicity and there that's at least some fuel for the advocacy people.

  2. I like your attitude and style. I've long suspected I was an Aspie and just got the dx last week. Of course, that's not all... but when it comes to "one of us" I reckon it takes one to know one.

    Anyone who's offended by your comment likely needs to face reality. And to realize that some of us are quite comfortable being different... as long as someone else isn't trying to force us square pegs into their little round holes.

  3. Thank you for this! It is so true. So many parents are wasting years looking for snake oil to cure a BUILT IN DIFFERENCE... that's right people, you can't cure Asperger's because it is part of your child! Nothing short of a lobotomy is going to remove it. It is just as sad when I meet a child who is a textbook Aspie and the parents refuse to get them tested because they don't want a "defective" kid. I know all too well that each day they delay reduces their chances of helping the child grow into a kid who can fit in.

    Once my daughter was diagnosed I could see it all in my father and to a lesser extent, in myself. Far and away the best "treatement" has been to constantly remind my daughter that although she has this difference, she needs to learn to function in the big wide world full of people who won't care.

    So in our home her difference is never allowed to be an excuse. We talk a lot about social situations, appropriate behaviour and tips for helping her concentrate. For us, strict diets were not beneficial enough to outweigh the drawbacks, but we try to avoid junk food laden with sugar, and we're religious with vitamins and fish oil.

  4. I have a daughter with aspergers, compounded by depression & anxiety. I hurt for her every moment of every day because of the rejection and bullying at every turn from those who don't understand what it's like to live with aspergers. She is a teacher but unfortunately, far from other teachers being supportive and understanding, they are the very worst at bullying and one in particular is making her personal life hell. She is working as a casual (substitiute) teacher because she can't seem to get offered anything more permanent, and I'm afraid this will be her life. She finds it so hard to make friends and when she does there is always someone around who wants to bully and make her life miserable.

    My daughter is allergic to cassein - has been since birth. She can't digest it and ends up vomiting or with diahroea from it so it is interesting that you mention cassein intolerance. However, not consuming cassein obviously isn't helping my child.

    I feel so helpless - I'd do anything to help my child live a normal life but despite our best efforts, we just seem to lurch from one crisis to another and I can't see life ever being any different. In contrast to what you say, I would give my right arm to "cure" my child and not have to witness her torment day in day out. I don't want my child to have to suffer anymore. She's suffered enough, but I'm a realist enough to know that this is never going to change and it hurts. I brought her into this world and I feel totally responsible for her suffering, so I rally don't understand how you can revel in your child's pain.