Nov 10, 2007

Too Many Voices

My wife and I took my daughter to a recital event at Western Michigan University's Dalton Center. It brought back vaugly uneasy memories from my one semester there. I couldn't place why. I've been back there for other events on occassion since my one semester as a student some 13 years ago.

We took Maryellen to the practice rooms, and then it finally hit me. The supposed sound proof practice rooms emitted numerous light melodies. I sat in the hall waiting for Maryellen to be done warming up, and then I couldn't take it any more.

They aren't just sounds. Music speaks to me. Isn't it supposed to? Furthermore, as an Aspie, I look for the pattern and without trying begin trying to identify what it is and what it means. With multiple sounds clamoring in my brain, it's like being attacked by an army of monsters all clawing for my attention.

I excused myself and left Maryellen in the care of my wife.

I remember when I was at Western as a student practicing my voice there that the cacophany of music agitated me so that I threw a music stand against a wall.

I need to remember to carry my earplugs with me all the time.


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