Nov 7, 2007

My Trials and Tribulations

This is when Asperger seems really stupid. Maybe its not Asperger, maybe I'm just weird or something, but I hate flossing my teeth. It's quite disturbing to thrust a small rope between my teeth. I used to wrap the floss around my fingers so that I could hold on to it, and that was bothersome as well.

I started using one of these flossing things that has a handle, but I got stubborn and refused to do any more flossing. Last night I finally started flossing again. Ofcourse my gums bleed. That realy was not positive reinforcement, butI'm going to try and keep it up.

Flossing just doesn't feel right.


1 comment:

  1. There are millions of NT people out there that don't like to floss, but that's because they're lazy I think.

    I would say it's sensory more than wierd. And with most things sensory there are ways to get accustom to them. Think of as just part of the routine, that's how I get my aspergian mind to assimilate to the goal. If it's supposed to be done because that the rule/routine then I do it because it's the rules. And the Rules are the rules, because they are the rules.

    Could you imagine being OCD and HAVING to floss because you were worried that something was rotting in your teeth...