Jun 21, 2007

Magnesium and B6 Supplements May Help


I've noticed that a Magnesium supplement seems to help me. I have no medical or clinical training, so I wasn't sure if what I was experiencing was legitimate or just the placebo effect.

I recently was able to find some research that would indicate that I'm on the right track.

Click this link for the full article.

Give it a read. It's a little hard to understand all of it, but it's good to give it a try. Curious if anyone has had any experience or found any science to back up or explain the clain that Magnesium and B6 is helpful for Aspies?



  1. Taking a generic magnesium supplement was helpful, but not greatly. However, I started taking 400mg of magnesium glycinate daily, beginning about two months ago, and the effects have been profound.

  2. Towards end of October my friend and I got the kids together to play. My son was six at the time. We began supplements about a week later. We just got together yesterday (end of Februrary) and she was amazed at the extreme change. It has happened slowly and the sensory symptoms have deminished. Is it because of his age and getting older or because of the supplement? I don't know.