Jun 20, 2007

That was interesting. . .

Well, this morning I packed up my hand outs and things that I wanted to show, hoisted a 15 pound backpack, and rode my bicycle to work. After work I got on my bike and rode to the D&W for the Aspies Inc Coffee, arriving 30 min. early. I hunted around for what looked like a meeting room, and then went to the service desk. I was told that it wasn't really a meeting room, it was just an open area on the second floor with tables and chairs.

So, I got myself set up and then sat there. Luckily I had all the supplies from my Aspie Traveler Survival Kit to help me pass the time. I had the hand outs set out on the table in hopes that it would make me a little more obvious. At 7pm I walked down the stairs to see if anyone was sitting down there. At 7:40 I packed up, hoisted my back pack and pedaled for home.

I was disapointed and discouraged at first, but prayer has a way of easing those things. It's good not to be controlled by circumstances, and I was really starting to get worked up. So, gave it over to God and could feel the frustration sort of melt away.

So, in the process I got some great bike riding in too.



  1. Sorry to hear about that. Was there any additional promotion of your meeting, besides here on the Blog? Just curious what else was done to get the word out.

  2. It was promoted to the local parent's group as well. I really only expected 4 or 5 people based on those that expressed an interest.

  3. thats funny -- in an ironic sense -

    - an aspie group that nobody shows up for

    -- seems sorta typical

  4. It could be the time of year. I've had contact with two people that weren't able to make it.

    I believe that I have about 20 regular readers. Perhaps that is not quite enough to support an event.

    My schedule is busy enough that I won't attempt another one of them unless I'm certain to get some kind of turn out.