Jun 17, 2007

Aspies Inc - Coffee Club 20-June-2007

Join me on Wednesday 20-June-2007 from 7pm to 9pm at the D&W second story meeting room for an informal evening of conversation.

D&W Grocery Store (yes they actually have a meeting room)
525 Romence, Portage, MI
Phone 269-329-3202

The event is free. If you want coffee or snacks, there is a Starbucks kiosk in the store and, well, it's a grocery store, buy whatever you want to eat.

O.K. you Aspies, before you panic about having to chit chat, it aint like that.

Cool, I ryhmed.

I'm going to talk for about 15 min. I think I'll be bringing the Aspie Traveler Survival Kit to show everyone. Then we'll just have a guided discussion. What we discuss will depend on who is there. Some one might say, "Did you guys ever have to deal with bullies?". Maybe you have figured out a great way to deal with teasing, or some excellent way to relax when you are over stimmed.

This evening is openning to anyone in the spectrum from High Functioning Autism, to Asperger Syndrome to all you PDD NOS types. Parents and care givers who have questions about living life in the spectrum are also welcome, but the Aspies get to talk first (just kidding).

Ground Rules:

  1. No put downs. You can question what some one says, but you can't say it is stupid (or anything like that).
  2. No profanities.
  3. Ask at least one question before you make a statement. Ask questions that will help you understand what some one is saying.
  4. No sales. If you have something you are selling, save it for afterward. Talking about your business and trying to get us to buy your stuff, does not count as sharing or conversing.
  5. Excercise the power of pass. If some one asks you a question, you don't have to answer it. This isn't school. Just say pass.
  6. Be honest. Speak you mind.
  7. While your speaking your mind, be careful to phrase your statements with kindness to others feelings.
  8. The leader has the right to change the subject at any time.


  1. You say Wednesday, June 20th. That's confusing, because it isn't correct. Is it Tuesday (June 19th) or Wednesday (June 20th)?

  2. That is confusing. I edited the post so that now it correctly reads Wednesday 20-June.