May 23, 2011


I’ve been frantically looking for work as a technical writer or project manager for months.  I’ve even submitted my name to do some songwriting and recording.  Just one of those though. 

(If you’re curious what my song writing is like go here)

It makes it nearly impossible to focus on anything else.  Money and eating are something I’m very attached to.  My family and I are also attached to the little country church where I’ve been asked to be pastor. 

I know, an Asperger pastor.  It’s working really well.

It’s been an immense challenge to focus on anything else other than finding a suitable job, and not to apply for something, anything, regardless of how far away.

One way that I’m learning to deal with it is to have different places where I work on different things.  If I can separate different activities into different physical places, then it’s easier to concentrate. 

I also set a specific time limit each day on job hunting.  Actually, there are certain places I look each day.  When those are done, job hunting ceases to exist for the day.  It may take me 2 hours or 6, but when it’s done I stop.

I try not to think about the other things when I’m doing something.  You see, I also have to do some repairs on my home and work in my yard.  I just have to separate it in my mind and actively ignore what I’m not working on.

The “glue” that is holding it all together is my personal faith in Christ.  I believe that I’m supposed to be in geographical area so that I can be at this little country church and serve the people there.

That conviction has made me a bit more brazen and able to resist the urge to move to a location where jobs are more plentiful.  I’m starting to learn and understand that serving people, bringing hope and meaning to their lives is more important than material possessions.  My wife and I run the risk of running out of money.  It could get bad.

Yet, if that is the cost of doing something that has eternal value in the lives of people, it’s worth it.


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