May 10, 2011

I Called in Advance in it Didn't Work Out

I have to confront some one about inapropriate behavior in a professional environment (that's as specific as I can be).  I could let it go and nothing would come of it, but it's something that I really should say something about.

So, I made the phone call in my mind first to see how it would go.  This works well for event planning, logistical matters and standard operating procedures, but it never seems to work for people.  Never works for people.  So, in my mind it turned ugly.  I tride it twice and it simply ended in lots of bad fellings and a "never talk to me again moment".

It really won't go that way.  Most likely the bloke won't agree and just disregard what I have to say, and we will move on.  Nothing will be resolved, but I will have done what I consider to be my moral duty.  No, I'm not a crusader.  If I explained the details you would understand.

As hard as I've tride I can't create a predictive model for human behavior.  I can identify patterns in behavior and match them to models that describe mental/emotional state or intent.  Yet, I can't predict regular day to day behavior.

Why am I posting this?  Well, as they say, missery loves company. 


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