Jan 20, 2011

The Silent Core

This is a poem I wrote a few years back.  It was inspired by my daughter when she was in elementary school. So much of what my daughter experienced, then and now, happened inside her richly populated mind.  The world inside never quite matches the one outside and it can be struggle to communicate between them.

By Adam Parmenter

Locked inside the silent core
Little escapes
The relentless embrace of
The inner mind

So alive.
On the inside.
Worlds, unseen, bloom and wane
Beyond the reach of
Hands and smiles
If they only knew
The miles and miles
I’ve journeyed alone
Songs unknown
Stories untold
Yearning to break free
To be known and seen

From the silent core.

©Adam M. Parmenter 2010

1 comment:

  1. As her mother, I can tell you that my daughter is always a little disappointed when what was in her rich mind doesn't turn out that way in real life. Especially her drawings, crafts or creations that are always elaborate and detailed in her mind. However, this richness has developed an extremely creative girl who finds much more joy in creating her own stuff than following any pattern. She takes me on new journeys every day in looking at things a little differently. Sometimes I wish I could get inside her mind and see what she sees.