Jan 4, 2011

An Invisible God?

For some Aspies an apparently intangible God is difficult to comprehend.  I can’t see God with my eyes, and very few individuals have ever heard Him speak directly.  Some people have experienced miracles, but many faithful believers, even Bible scholars, never experience any miracle beyond that of being forgiven of sin.

So, is God hiding from us?  How can He be real if I can’t see Him?

Rationally, we can’t question God’s existence simply because we can’t see or touch Him.  We believe in the existence of many influential historical person that we have never seen.  No one questions the existence of Plato or Aristotle whose philosophies have done much to shape the societies of the Western world.  The only evidence that these two men existed are from manuscript copies of their writings.  Scholars judge their manuscripts as authentic.  The more manuscripts and the closer to their time the author lived the better.

Plato?  The closest manuscripts is within a 1200 years of his life.  There are seven of them left.

Aristotle?  1400 years.  There are 49 manuscripts left.

How about the New Testament part of the Christian Bible?  There are copies New Testament books that date within 100 years of the time of Christ.  There are fragmentary portions that go back even farther.  There are 5,600 New Testament manuscripts available.

That is just part a sliver of the evidence that indicates that the Bible is an accurately preserved historical document.  There is much more than I can go into here.  Suffice it to say, there is strong evidence pointing to the existence of the invisible God of the Bible.

(For more on this documentary evidence click this link)

It may seem impossible, but is the problem in the existence of god or in my perspective?

More soon.



  1. but can you doubt your own mind? the brain is a funny thing and plays tricks on us all the time. what is your view on someone equally thoughtful, intelligent, educated, and fervent in their religious beliefs if their beliefs are absolutely incompatible to yours? there are many many such people - all of whom are shouting "i'm right and you are all wrong"

  2. You've missed the point of this blog posting. The Bible is an accurately preserved historical document. I don't rely strictly on my own mind, but on the testimony of reliable eye witnesses. Eye witness who were never refuted by any of their fellow Jews other than the Pharisees who hated Jesus. There isn't one documented refutation of Jesus miracles, claims to be God or his resurrection from the dead. It's history.

    I rely on this history, have examined God's testimony and follow it. No shouting needed. Happy to say that God gives everyone a free will.