Dec 22, 2010

What Figures of Speech Confuse or Amuse You?

"Let me float an idea past you"
I'm picturing ideas floating past me in some sort of conceptual river.

"It was so cold I froze my but off."
O.K. now that is truly disturbing.  Fortunately if it freezes off there wouldn't be nearly as much blood shed as when it get laughed off.

"A heart warming story for the whole family."
I picture my wife, children, and me screaming in terror as our hearts begin to heat up past 98.6.  "What's happening?" we cry in confused terror as we clutch our chests and fall to the grown, searing hot pain gripping us.

So, what figures of speech confuse, disturb or  amuse you and what pictures does it put in your head?

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  1. I love "Bells and Whistles"..its such a happy visual."The cart before the horse" is quite amusing.
    I like "whatever turns your crank", maybe because it is neutral.
    I often say "it's no skin off my nose" which I find odd but I really like it. Probably because it often perplexes people.
    "What came first the chicken or the egg?" always leaves me rather confused but in an amused sort of way.
    I do not like, at all "about as much fun as a heartattack","laughed her head off" or "I'm whipped". I particularly dislike "Feel like i was hit by a truck" or runover (which is even worse).
    I detest anything starting with..."I'm dying to...."(like, see a movie or go to this place)
    Thanks for asking...interesting post!!!

  2. Your 3rd example really made me laugh.