Sep 8, 2006

Cheer Up Sunshine


I have a cheerleader. I was at a training event yesterday, and one individual decided that I looked grumpy and that she was going to cheer me up. She said so out loud as she entered the room, "Why are you so grumpy!? I'll cheer you up."

You know, if we all wore some kind of masks then know one could misunderstand what was on my face or take it upon themselves to change my disposition. Even so, why do people, usually women, take it upon themselves to re-engineer my disposition. Just so happened that I was quite tired, and felt like sitting and eating by myself.

Next, I should say something inspiring about how to deal with goof ball neurotypicals such as this. I have nothing wonderful other than ignore and continue on your way. There are goofy neurotypicals like this in every bunch.

Your real friends have taken them time to know and enjoy you as you are regardless of how your face looks. Instead of shouting out how they are going to change your disposition they'll take the time to ask, "How are you doing?" Real friends will ask that question and mean it.


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