Sep 9, 2011

There Is Hope (Remembering 9/11)

Fires burn
Countless mourn
We realize we are but dust
As walls collapse
Our strength fails and
Hope fades
What super power can bring it back?

Fear grows
Countless hide
We realize we are under attack
As soldiers move out
Our sense of safety dies
Souls ache
What weapon can defeat this terror?

No need to fear when you’re cradled in the hand
Of the one who spread the stars in space
When time and earth began
There is hope in the one who holds the keys
To life and death, heaven and hell
King of eternity

No need to fear, for weapons cannot steal
The life bestowed by Jesus blood
Eternity with Him
There is hope in the life beyond the grave
Eternal joy, forever peace
Secure in eternity

(c)2011 Adam M. Parmenter – Creative Commons

1 comment:

  1. God bless the people that have died on 9/11. God bless for the hereos involved in this tradgedy. Shall we learn from this and grow stronger as a country and a nation. God bless us all.