Feb 1, 2011

Best and Worst Jobs for Aspies

(#Aspie #Aspies #Aspergers)  Just read an interesting post by Darian Peters called, Best and Worst Jobs for people with Aspergers.  Some interesting thoughts, but don't know if I agree with all his conclusions.  What have been your best and worst jobs?  What about about them did you or didn't you like?


  1. This from a Facebook fan:
    My favorite jobs were repetitive with an incentive bonus for production. I can build up a great momentum and not have to really think about what I'm doing. I prefer to save my thought processes for the creative work I do at home as an artist. Unfortunately, these production jobs have been disappearing from America so I haven't been able to find one in years. If I could have the opportunity, I would like a job helping busy people get organized. It's one of my natural abilities.

  2. Another facebook reader is studying electrical engineering and would like to eventually create software, hardware or video games. Is also interested in writing books.