Mar 11, 2010

My Words Are Like....

My words are like.... spices in an idea soup.

If I'm in a group of people having a conversation or I'm in a class, it's like we are making soup, and my words are the like the spices. Soup without spices is very dull, but spices alone don't make good soup.

In order to make a delicious idea soup in a group I need other people's words too. Their words are the other ingredients of meat or something. I also need thoughts. I need to take some time where I'm not saying anything to think thoughts. I need to listen to other people's words and letting them simmer in my brain without saying anything outloud. Then what happens is I have better ideas and more important words to offer.

If it's hard not to talk outloud, then I can let me ideas and words percolate onto paper, and write as many pages of words as a need to in order to keep my mouth from talking. It's very important if I want the best idea soup for the group.

If I use too many words then I spoil the soup for everyone else. If I use the wrong words or words that aren't really very important, then I spoil the idea soup for everyone else. Then what happens is my idea soup isn't any good either.

It's mysterious, but human brains are designed by God so that they work best when mixed in a group with other human brains. So, in order for me to have the best idea soup, I need to make sure everyone elses soup is good too.

The way I can spice up everyone elses idea soup is to pick only the spice words that are most important and not use too many of them.


  1. Adam, good answer. I can't wait to share it with my son!!

  2. my other comment went off into space. Thanks Adam. This is a great way to look at it. Even for a 12 yo. He loved reading your other post. I printed it out and we read it together. I really enjoy reading your blog. Thanks.