Feb 26, 2009

Now I Really Believe in Weighted Blankets

When I was planning my trip out here to Oklahoma City, I decided carry on my baggage, so that I wouldn't have to go through the baggage check and pay the extra fees that Northwestern Airlines charges. That also meant that anything I carried on would go through the stringent security check.

So, I left my leg weights behind, as they could look quite suspicious to a secruity person (especially in the post shoe bomber world). I also didn't think that I could fit my clothing AND a twenty pound weighted blanket in my carry on bag.

Consequently, I have spent the week without any sensory integration types of weights. Over the course of this week, I have found that symptoms of chronic pain (tingling in the limbs for one), have begun to return, and I'm less rested. I also feel a sense of controlable agitation that I haven't felt for some time.

I'm looking forword to getting home and getting under my weighted blanket. It really does solve a world of problems. I also have the pet theory that, while at one time I was diagnosed with Fibromialgia, I question if I ever did have it. I think that the Asperger/Autism need for sensory integration along with an intollerance to wheat and dairy contributed to a group of symptoms that seems like firbro.

I still have hip pain, but it's quite managable although fairly constant. The hip pain responds well to physical therapy. Controlling my deitary intake of Glutten and Casein (dairy) protein, and attending to my sensory integration deficit by using a wheighted blanket has revolutionized my health.

If I go back about 10 years, I was a mess. I think it was 10 years. I don't know if it is typical for all Aspies, but my sense of time is not linear. Anyway, the first major change I made was in more intently pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ. That was the first big change that made all the others possible, and meaningful.

So, I've enjoyed the classes I took here in OKC. I learned about running sound systems. I'm also so looking forward to returning to my family and my weighted blanket.



  1. Just found your blog! Great!

    I would like to know more about the weights.

    Also, I am actually searching for another Aspie who has a certain degree of inspiration or motivation from their faith. It is so hard to describe. Perhaps it is the creative mind on the run. But it seems that once I invited Jesus into my heart, then my heart could speak to me. How does one's own heart speak to the person? It's real hard to explain, but I would like to sort that out with someone.

    Also, if you have any good ways to deal with anxiety (no pills please), write about it!

    Thanks! you seem quite knowledgeable.

    thank you for keeping a blog for me to read!

  2. Hey anonymous. I'll made a list of the things you've asked about and will make a point about writing about them.

  3. Weighted Blankets are a great thing, wouldn't be without mine.!!

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