Jan 29, 2009

Aspies, Inc Meeting Thursday 26-Feb-09 7pm

For anyone in Oklahoma City, I'll be at the Panera Bread on 7199 SE 29th St # 113 at 7pm on Thursday 26-February-2009. The phone number for the Panera is (405) 869-0550.

I'm going to be in OK City for some classes, so this is a chance to meet some parents and be an encouragement. Usually, I get the question, "Do you remember when you were [name an age]? How did you...." Happy to answer any question.

I'm not a credentialed expert, but I've lived it to a degree.

No charge, just buy something to eat and drink so Panera will be happy. I'll be wearing a dark green sweater and a black baseball cap. I might even have the sunglasses on. It depends how nervous I am.


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