Mar 8, 2006

Welcome to Aspies Inc

Aspies Inc. is the Aspie world according to Adam Parmenter. It's the perspective of a an adult who went through 37 years of life trying to figure out what was wrong, and then finaly came to understand Asperger.

Perhaps something from my experiences can inspire or at least entertain.

I hope you'll post a comment at the end of the blogs. Your thoughts or questions, or better yet visit the HASD Heros message e-mail group at

The HASD Heros is dedicated to the neurotypical parents, syblings, loved ones, friends and care givers of individuals in the High functioning Austism Spectrum Disorder (I hate that word disorder). There's a space for message posts, links to helpful books, and soon the calendar will be fully updated with helpful events.

Adam Parmenter

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